Help with Choosing the Right Dumpster to Rent

January 05, 2022

American Dumpster company loves our customers! We provide affordable roll-off dumpsters to anyone from homeowners to contractors. We take great pride in our business and provide the best customer service that we can to our customers. We recently opened a new location in Madison, Alabama! From there, we service Huntsville and Decatur! We have a few different-sized dumpsters for our customers to pick from. When renting one of our roll-off dumpsters, give us a call and we will help determine which dumpster is best for your project.

Our 15’ long X 7’ wide X 4’ tall dumpster is perfect for smaller-scale clean-ups and one to two-room home renovations. This dumpster is designed to fit in narrow or smaller spaces, so homeowners do not need to worry about it fitting in their driveway, yard, or even their garage. You can use the 15-yard dumpster for smaller community projects or even 2000 square feet of roofing shingles. This dumpster size is also great for contractors that have smaller projects like small-scale fire or water damage.

Our 20’ long X 7’ wide X 4’ tall roll-off dumpster is fantastic for medium to large house renovations or construction projects. This 20-yard dumpster can help with your large-scale move-ins and outs. It’s great for medium to large projects in the community, or even medium to large-scale fire or water damage. The 20-yard dumpster is great for homeowners and contractors alike.

Our 20’ long X 7.5’ wide X 5.5’ tall dumpster is the largest dumpster size that we offer. Any large project, commercial or private, this is the dumpster for you. It’s great for any large home renovation or remodeling as well as large commercial projects. The 30-yard dumpster is also perfect for large fire and water restorations and can fit 4,500 square feet of roofing shingles.

Not only do we provide the dumpster rental, but we also provide pick-up and dump services as well. We take care of all the grunt dump work while you focus on your project. We also provide pick-up and dump services to commercial properties that have their own dumpsters, like grocery stores, retail stores, apartment complexes, and more. With the 20 new dumpsters we recently added to our inventory, we can help even more customers and expand our reach! Give us a call for all of your dumpster needs! Also, order online with our ordering made easy website and you can pick when you want it delivered.

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