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About us:
American Dumpster Company exists because there is a lack of professionalism that is missing from this industry. My partner and I have been business owners for more than 30 years and when trying to order dumpsters we seldom could get anyone to answer the phone or call us back. We decided to start the American Dumpster Company (ADC) and if you notice our logo you will see that we are an American Proud Company and operating a business in the greatest country in the world it is hard not to be.

Our purpose is to offer impeccable service and provide a pleasant experience to our clients when it comes to their waste disposal needs. We help our clients finish their projects on-time and on-budget, without all the headaches. ADC promises to help our clients by doing what we say, its that simple.

We play an important part in helping our clients successfully complete their projects by providing a quick and professional experience at a fair price.

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