Choosing the Right Dumpster Size

July 20, 2021
Understanding the right dumpster size to get isn’t always easy, especially if you haven’t required the service before. First, you want to make sure you understand what we mean when we say a dumpster is 15 yards. Our dumpsters are sized by cubic yards. One cupid yard is basically a cube that is three feet tall, three feet wide, and three feet long - maybe about the size of your standard oven. If you can think in terms of ovens, you might have a decent idea of how much space you’ll need. How do you choose the correct size, then?

We offer 15, 20, and 30-yard sizes. While we are always available to accommodate, it might still be frustrating if you were to end up with a dumpster that isn’t big enough for your needs. It is also important to consider that safety laws will require that the contents of the dumpster don’t go past the brim. Overfilling a smaller dumpster or requiring more trips than expected could result in a higher cost to you than if you had rented a larger dumpster. So it’s best to make sure you’re getting plenty of dumpster space.

On the other end of things, you have other problems to consider with dumpsters that are larger. While it’s never bad to have more space than you need to be safe, choosing a dumpster that is too big might make its placement difficult depending on your specific needs. You might consider measuring the area where you plan to place your dumpster, and considering whether or not the surrounding roadways provide proper clearance for it.

That all being said, American Dumpster Company is happy to answer any questions you have and guide you through the selection process, if need be. Call our 24/7 line anytime so that we can pick the perfect rental for your needs!
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