American Dumpster Q and A

March 11, 2021

What kinds of things would one rent a dumpster for?

American Dumpster Company provides dumpsters to anyone! From homeowners to contractors, we can provide a dumpster for you. Homeowners may use a dumpster for cleaning out homes they rent out to others. For example, if a renter leaves behind old furniture, their clothes, appliances, old toys, or even swing sets, the homeowner can dispose of all of these items in an American Dumpster Company dumpster. The homeowner can also use one of our dumpsters for any renovation projects. Because appliances and drywall are materials that we dispose of, our dumpsters are perfect for big or small renovations. Contractors can use our dumpsters for gutting out homes when they do a remodeling. They can throw away drywall, flooring, roof shingles, the siding on houses, bricks, concrete, windows, doors, and even cabinets. Our dumpsters can even be used in big time construction projects! There are many projects one could use our dumpsters for!

What can you not throw away in an American Dumpster Company Dumpster?

You can not use our dumpsters to throw away cans of paint, aerosol cans, or food waste. But other than those items, anything is fair game for our dumpsters!

You can load our dumpster with drywall, shingles, doors, windows, junk in your garage, old tree limbs, an old shed out back, and yes you can even demolish a home and put it into our dumpsters.

Remember, we have a 15 yard, 20 yard, and 30 yard dumpster for any size project you may have.

How easy is it to rent a dumpster?

Renting one of American Dumpster Company’s dumpsters is extremely easy! Our phones are open 24 hours a day, ready for any dumpster emergency you may have! When you call American Dumpster Company, we will discuss the size of the project and help you determine what size dumpster is necessary for tackling your task. We will also talk about the different price and rental packages we have available and get you the best price possible for your needs. American Dumpster Company can provide our customers with impeccable service every time.
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